Day 3 - Waimaia Canyon, Canyon Trail

Date: 2009-03-01
Location: Hawaii 09

Shrouded in a mist of fog and mist, the Waimaia Canyon looked both magnificent and mysterious. We stopped at a couple of the Look Out and took some pictures. A little around noon, we parked near the trail head of the Canyon Trail and headed down into the trail. It was cold on our first portion of hike. The trail was covered mostly by tall trees and the ground was muddy. Later, as the trees started to thin out a bit and changed to shrubs, the ground became drier. At several stops, we had a beautiful view of the red canyon wall in front of us. As we getting closer to the water fall, the trail appeared to be dropped off, giving one an impression that one might fall off from it. As we approach it, we saw the small winding path leading down to the waterfall. The waterfall we could see from top was rather small; however, one really have to stretch out into the opening to have a glimpse of the tall water fall below. Anyway, the view of the trail was beautiful.

At night, we return to our condo and witnessed a splidid sunset from our balcony.

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