Day 6 Kauai - Lydgate Park,‘Opaeka’a Fall, and sunset at the beach

Date: 2006-06-19
Location: Hawaii 06

The day started as gloomy as ever. After my husband left for work earlier that morning, I took Seyo out to get a rental car for the next few days. We waited patiently outside for the hotel shuttle to take us to the airport as rain drizzled endlessly around us. Once we got there, I ran around every rental car place and found all the compact cars were out. The only cars left were either jeep or convertible. Finally, I was relieved to find the last mid size car available—a jade color Chrysler 300. Once I got it, I took Seyo to the Kauai Nursery & Landscape, Inc that we drove across yesterday. Though the place was literally overcrowded with plants of various types, I was disappointed to find that only a small portion of them (same as the ones available from the Botanical Garden) were available for out of the state shoppers.

In Kapaa, we ate at McDonalds for lunch and Seyo got his Happy Meal with a blue car from the movie “Cars”. Then I took him to Lydgate Park, where the beach had two protected rock-rimmed pools. The smaller one, know as the kiddie pool, was 2/3 of way protected by the larger one. I took Seyo there and we swam and paddled around. He liked to jumped to and for as splash of waves passing through the rock boundaries. Swimming in the highly salty water, I was happy to find the buoyancy here was so high that I hardly had to move my arms or legs to float. I could even “dog paddle” leisurely, the type of swim usually require a lot of paddling effort in the fresh water. Despite the water was very salty, I could still open my eyes and see the bottom of the pool. Near the rock wall, we spotted schools of small silver fish swam around among the rocks. It was pretty neat. As we concentrated on the fish, a big splash of water hit the rock and showered us with a great deal of cool salty water. Seyo laughed, though he still refused to put his face near water and he fussed when I splashed water on him.

On the way back, we stopped by the ‘Opaeka’a Fall near Wailua. Nested among thick tropical trees, the beautiful water fall was, unfortunately, totally inaccessible. Follow Kuamo’o Road, we stopped at the Lookout point and admired the water fall. Several time, Seyo suggested that we should go down there. I had tried my best to persuade him there weren’t any trails or river routes that would lead to it. I suppose some dangerous climbing could probably land down there, but the idea was way beyond the capacity of my four years old or me.

Later on that evening, we all went and walked on the beach and saw one of the most beautiful sunset. Though later the wind started to pick up the pace and the height of the waves increased dramatically, many surfers were still dashing in and out of water.

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