Day 9 - Kilauea Lighthouse, Bird Sanctuary and Fish Market; swimming pool

Date: 2009-03-07
Location: Hawaii 09

We drove to the Kalauea Lighthouse and Bird Sanctuary. After traveling at a slow pace and past several tourist towns, we arrived Kalauea Lighthouse sometime around noon. The sky was overcast and a bit of chill. It suppose to rain today. Just as we arrived there, a small patch of sun came through and lit the area. We took some picture there. Perched along the mountain side were thousands of seabirds. A loud songs sung by various species filled up the air. We approached the light house itself with apprehension, as large drops of rains started to fall. We ran into the visitor's center for shelter. Luckily, it didn't take that long for the rain cloud to pass. We were able to walk out of there mostly dry. Before we got back into the car, we saw a Hawaiian red-headed cardinal and Hawaiian goose (nene).
Before we heading back, we stopped by the Kilauea Fish Market for lunch. Here we ordered the Korean BBQ chicken plate, Hawaiian chili-pepper pork plate, and grilled mahi mahi taco. It was simply delicious. Afterward, I had craving for the Hawaiian chili-pepper pork plate for days.

When we got back, we took the little guy to the pool. He had a lot of fun swimming around. Soon, he even made friends with some visitors.

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