Day 10 - Lydgate State Park, Sunset

Date: 2009-03-08
Location: Hawaii 09

We went to Kapaa area today and revisited some of the places we visited some twelve years earlier. The place changed a lot. A few thing reminded: the large Wyland paint on the background, the small cafe, but most of the things have changed. There were a lot more stores now. We ate at the Pacific Island Bistro for brunch. It was okay, more Chinese flavor than others. Later we went the Lydgate State Park and let the little guy swim around for a bit. Today, unlike many previous day, was warm and nice. The dark patches of cloud that seemed to hang around the islands for the past several days have finally moved on. We went into the water and swam around. After some initial hesitation, the little one spend some time swim around, then he complained it was too cold, and rested on the beach for a long time. At least there was a tiny little red-crowned Hawaii Cardinal to keep him company.

Later, however, just when we were ready to go, he changed his mind and was playing in the water. He would not want to leave for a long time.

When we were back to Poipu, from the lani, we watched the sunset. In the ocean, we could see jet stream of water shot up into the air. I even saw a glimpse of flippers in the air. The whales were swimming there. We wish we were closer.

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