Day 11 - Poipu Beach, Monk Seals, Keoki's Paradise

Date: 2009-03-09
Location: Hawaii 09

Today was our last day at the island. It was just me and the little guy. First, we got up and walked to the Poipu Beach. Here we came across not just one Monk Seal, but two. They slept lazily on the beach while the curious people walk by them. Once we got there, we went into the water. The water was a bit of cold and the wave was big. There was a small patch of sand surrounded by water, the recurring wave caused the sand built up behind it, made it possible for people walk to it. I took the little guy swim around the patch of shallow area, letting the wave push our bodies up and down. It was quite fun.

Later, we all went to Keoki's Paradise for dinning. We had some most delicious seafood. It was simply delightful to the taste.

As light faded in the sky, we went to the airport. No matter how many times we had been to Hawaii, I always had a sad heart when leaving the place. Aloha Hawaii.

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