Day 1 - Arriving Disneyworld, Port Orlean Riverside

Date: 2009-09-27
Location: Disneyworld 09

We will be leaving the house shortly. First, we will go to the little guy's school picnic, then pick up both Mom and Dad and head for Orlando. Can't wait to see my sister and Liam.

The fly to Dallas was pretty smooth. Upon arrival at Dallas, we realized that there was only 35 minutes til our next flight take off. We rush forward. Luckily, it was only a few terminals away. We arrived there just in time for boarding. Nevertheless, we worried that our luggage didn't make to it. The flight from Dallas to Orlando was much longer. I sat down with the little guy and we made entries to his journal. This helped making the trip shorter.

When we arrived Orlando, it was already after near 11:00. Usually the luggage were delivery straight to the guest rooms; however, since our arrival was very late, we either had to pick it up or wait until the next day delivery. We went to the luggage claim bud did not found our luggage. We went to the counter and the attendant informed us that since we had the Disney tags on the luggage, the attendants had put our luggage asides and ready for the next day delivery. Luckily, we got there just in time to picked it up.

The Magic Express was there to pick us up. But it made so many stops to various hotels and we were the last ones in the bus. It seems ages later, we arrived the hotel. My sister greeted us at the front. It was very nice to see her. We hugged and talked. Seyo, so tired, fallen asleep on the way there.

The Riverside was very peaceful at night. The street lamps lit the winding pathway along the river. The faint reflection wavered in the soft ripples on the surface of the dark water. There were small wooden bridges across the river. Along the other side of the river, large white colonial style houses stood among the large trees.

If we could, we would talked forever along that river; but overcame by fatigue from the long trip, we had to wave each other good night.

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