Day 2 - Port Orlean Riverside, EPCOT, Chef de France

Date: 2009-09-28
Location: Disneyworld 09

This day, we woke up in the morning to see the sun light came through the window. We got up and got ready. The room ,now we really had a chance to look, was quite comfortable. It has a large guest room with two queen size beds with a bed stand, a table with four chairs next to the window, a TV stand with drawers, a soft bench chair, and a small table that contains a small refrigerator inside and a coffee make on the top. Straight ahead was the wash room with a double sink in front of the two mirrors. Hangers on the right, and on the left was entrance to the bathroom.

We got out and met with others. Together, we went to the cafeteria and ate the breakfast there. We got two bottled water, 2 bounty platters, and 2 large orange juice and used two of our 16 counter service points. We also got a refillable mug. Once we ate to our fills, we went to the bus stop and waited for the bus to take us to EPCOT. It seemed we waited for a while, but at last, the bus came and we got in there.

Before the bus came to a stop, we already saw the huge globe signifies EPCOT. With our hotel card, we got in there.

Since we had a 1:10 reservation with Chefs de France, we had to making our way towards that direction slowly. First, we stopped by the Innoventions and participated the fire-fighting game. Then we were out toward the World Showcase side. We stopped by Canada and watched the O Canada circle-vision 360 film. Then we walked passed United Kingdom and across the bridge toward France. It was just in time when we got there. Shortly after we checked in, our host took us in and led us to our table.

It was rather good. The food was very delicious and the salmon was both tender and flavorful. While we eating the ratatouille, the little rat from the movie--Remy--came and visited our table there.

After lunch, we walked out there. We just missed the boat that take us to the other side of the large lake. So we wondered around the area. First, we stopped by Morocco. The place is richly decorated with a fragrant aroma in the air. Then at Japan, we watched the Japanese Drumming performance. When the show was done, we circled back just in time to catch the next boat ride. Once boarded, the boat slowly moving across the lake. Perched on top one of the tall pine tree, there was a large bold eagle there. It looked magnificent. Too bad my camera could not get a good picture of it due to the glass window and the moving boat. The boat took us back to the Mexico side of the World Showcase. Here, we went straight to the Future World. First, we went to the Ellen's Energy Adventure. Here we watched the dinosaurs. Then, we went to the Reimagined! Space Earth inside of the large globe. Then we went back to see the Mission Space. We took the Green Team route and headed for a more milder journey. Both kids enjoyed the ride immensely. We stopped by The Seas with Nemo and Friends and the Turtle Talk with Crush after that. Once out of there, we tired to see Soarin, but found the line too long and the fast pass were all gone. Instead we watched the Circle of Life film. By the time we done with that, the kids were hungry. We got out of The Land and head by to the World Showcase. On the way, we stopped by Mexico and took the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros tour.

Then we stopped at China and had dinner at the Lotus Blossom. We had the Fried Rice with Shrimp, Beef Noodle Soup, and kids meal with Sweet and Sour Chicken. The desert were red bean ice cream. We used 3 quick service points for that. After dinner, we went outside and saw the IllumiNations. The show was above the huge lake; with fire, laser and fireworks. It was pretty neat.

When the show was completed, we went to Norway and ride the Maelstrom ride there. By the time we got out, it was pretty late. We went out of EPCOT and head to the bus. It took us a while to get into a bus. We went back to our room and rested.

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