Day 3 - Disney Hollywood, Hollywood Brown Derby, Fantasmic

Date: 2009-09-29
Location: Disneyworld 09

Today we stopped by the Riverside Mill and had some breakfast. We picked up a couple of bagel and a danish, some juice, and a milk. We used 6 of our snack points for that. After breakfast, we got into the bus and head toward Hollywood Studios. Once entered the park, we picked up a couple of Micky shirts for the two little boys and a pair of khki.

We walked inside. The Indiana Jones shows was packed, so went to Star Tours instead. The ride was fun but Seyo was disappointed because it was the same ride we had at Universal Studio Hollywood. Anyhow, we went up the Streets of America and walked around the area for a bit. Around the noon, we curved around and arrived at the Hollywood Brown Derby for our 1:50 reservation.

Of course, we used four adult sit-down dinner points and 2 kids sit-down dinner points. The food was rather good.

After lunch, we went to the The Great Movie Ride. We just missed the Indiana Jones show again, so we went back to the Street of American, we stopped by the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure for the two little ones to play for a while, then looped back to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. It was pretty neat, it was like watching the movie.

Once that's done, we went all the way up the Streets of American and got onto the Studio Backlot Tour. The waiting was a bit of long, but we were able to got in before sunset and watched the big explosion near the water tower. We watched the large amount of water rushed toward the tram. For second, it appeared to be headed straight toward us. It was pretty amazing. As sunset approaches, we went toward the Sunset Boulevard. Seyo begged that he wanted to go to the Tower of Horror. So on the end, Seyo, Jim, Dad and Marc went on to the Tower of Horror, while others waited outside.

At Catalina Eddie's, we had dinner. Using three counter service points, we ordered two pepperoni pizza, a chicken caesar salad, a couple of drinks, a cookie, a chocolate cake, and a carrot cake. Once we finished eating, we went into the Large Stadium for the Fantasmic show. The waiting was long and the place was packed with people.

It is no wonder we had to wait for a long time before we could get into the bus that would take us back to our hotel.

Upon returning to our room, we found our house-keeper had created a nice little puppy using towels. It was sitting on one of the bed waiting for us. Quite cute.

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