Day 4 - Magic Kingdom, Liberty Tree House, Wish Firework

Date: 2009-09-30
Location: Disneyworld 09

Today, we visited the Magic Kingdom. The morning bus took us a little after 10:00. In front of Cinderella's castle, we watched the parade and took some pictures there.

Then we went to the Fantasyland. First, we watched Mickey's PhilharMagic, a 3D movie. Then we ride the Peter Pan's Flight, It's a Small World, and Snow White's Scary Adventure. The Its a Small World ride was a bit of different than the ones we had during Disneyland visit. The song was a bit more subtle; at least it is least likely would stuck in one's head. After that, we cross the bridge and reached the Liberty Square. Here we first stopped by the Haunted Mansion. It was a bit of different. After that, we quickly moved toward the Adventureland and ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Surprisingly, all the rides had very short waiting time, probably due to the lunch hour. We spent no more than 10 minutes in each one of the place waiting for the ride.

Then we rode the Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride. After that, we looped back to the Liberty Square and checked at the front desk of the Liberty Tree House. Here we had our lunch.

After lunch, we went into the Hall of President and watched the show there. Then we picked up the fast pass for Thundering Mountain Railroad then head to Splash Mountain. This time, all the men/boys went on to the ride, while the women stayed behind. They returned a bit of wet from the splash but all seemed excite.

It was just perfect in time for our Thundering Mountain ride. The old train whirling around the mountain side. The kids had great deal of fun, so were the adults.

The little ones were disappointed when the train stopped. They would like to have it last much longer. We walked toward the Adventureland and took the Jungle Cruise, then headed toward the Tomorrowland. First, we stopped by Stitch's Great Escape. Liam loved the Stitch, it kept looking at him. His joyful laughing could be heard. Once we got out of there, we went to Tomorrowland Speedway. Since each car could only sit two people, my sister and I sat in one. The car was hard to control. The steerwheel was either too non-responsive or too sensitive, the little car ended up bumping to and fro on the track. Nevertheless, we had a lot of laugh. When we got out of there, we found many shops and restaurants were closing. The Tomorrowlands Noodle Station was closed, so we stopped by the Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. Here we got the Half Chicken meal, Chicken Sandwich and a kids chicken nuggets. We sat outside. Here we had a pretty good view of Cinderella's castle, which were turning color in every few minutes. When the firework started, we could only hear the blast, but not able to see the firework. We only saw Twinkle Bell racing across the lake. So, we packed up the dessert and ran out of the cafe. At the bridge, we were able to see the firework overhead. Some of the parts is obscured by the tall trees behind the castle, but others were pretty spectacular.

Once the firework ended, we headed back home.

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