Day 5 - EPCOT, Boatwrights. Downtown Disney

Date: 2009-10-01
Location: Disneyworld 09

Today was the only free-choice day we have. We had originally planned to visit Magic Kingdom again. However, we realized that we had gone through pretty much all of the rides and visited nearly all places. So, we decided to go back to the EPCOT. Here at least we know that we were missing Soarin.

Instead of eating at the Riverside, we got some drink and headed straight toward EPCOT. Once there, we headed straight toward Soarin, thinking that we were going to pick up some fast pass. But the fast pass returning time was a bit late. We saw the waiting was 30 minutes, so decided to wait instead. However, the wait turn out to be much longer than anticipated. The people with fast pass kept coming in, and pushed our waiting time to nearly a hour (well, at least, felt like a hour of waiting). At least there were some interactive games along the way to keep the kids entertained.

When it was finally our turn, we got in there. The ride was great. The way the wind blow through one's hair, the scent of various smell (from ripe orange to open sea...). If it wasn't the scene kept changing, one would really felt like flying. Anyway,dad was very happy about it.

We got out of there stopped by Sunshine Season Food Fair for brunch. We got some grilled salmon, a pork chop, and a kid's chicken drum. We also got a box of apple slices, a peach cobbler, and some drink. After all these, we found we still got four counter service points left.

In Imagination!, we went to the Journey Into Imagination with Figment ride. On exit the ride, the kids played with the interactive game at the play music set. They had so much fun there, we were having trouble leaving the area.

There we also took a whole family picture together. It will be transposed in front of the Cinderella's castle. At least, we will have something to remember for this family vacation. We ordered to have the pictures delivered to our hotel. Then we went inside and watched the Honey, I Shrunk the Audience show. Once we finished the show, we headed toward the World Showcase. At one of the New Zealand stand, we got a few plate of scallop over salad. It was pretty tasty. At Japan, we went inside one of the store and brought a whole bunch of stuff. Then we stopped by American briefly, then at Italy, we took a whole lot of pictures.

After dinner, we took the boat to Downtown Disney. Here the place was like in Christmas. All the shops were colorfully decorated. We got some Christmas ornaments. Then took a whole bunch of pictures. It was getting really late and we were tired. We hopped on board the last boat leaving there and got back to the hotel.

At China, we watched the Chinese Acrobat performance. It was pretty neat, the kids in the performance looked a little older than our boys. But they did some spectacular stunts. At Germany, we got some delicious German chocolate. We also took some pictures at the Outpost and Norway.

We had planned this as a half day visit, but when we left there, it was already pass 5:00. We went back to Riverside. Since we promised the little ones that they will have an opportunity to swim in the swimming pool, we took them there. They swam for about a hour, then we went to the Boatwrights for dinner.

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