Day 7 Kauai Kilauea Lighthouse and Kauai Beach Resort show

Date: 2006-06-20
Location: Hawaii 06

We got up early in the morning. After visited Seyo’s favorite place—McDonalds—for breakfast, I took him to see the Kilauea Lighthouse. After nearly an hour of windy drive along the coast, we finally arrived there. From the lookout point, we could see the white light house glimmered in the sun light. Overhead, giant sea birds circled the area. As we enter the monument, we were accompanied by colorful signs along the path. Some briefed the visitors on various types of sea birds in the area, some depicted indigenous Hawaiian vegetations, some about types of whales…

Inside the light house we learned that the lighthouse used to have one of the largest lens of its kind. Though it had not been operational for a while and the stairs that led to the top was closed to visitors, we could still capture a glimpse of the huge giant glass light that blazed in various colors under the sun light.

Seyo, however, was not very much impressed with the light house itself; rather, he insisted that we should sit and watch the live cam of the seabirds. In the view, a gray colored downy creature appeared to be asleep. He only disturbed a bit when the wind fluttered his feathers. Many minutes passed as we watched. Finally, I was able to convince Seyo that the bird was not going to get up and dance around, we left the live cam and walked around the area.

From a short distant ahead, Moku’ae’ae Islet floated in the foaming ocean. Besides the green vegetations covered the surface of the island, thousands sea birds of various sizes seemed to treated it as their home. Under the bright sun and cool breeze, these birds seemed rather enjoy themselves. Before we leave the place, we got a good look at a couple of Nenes (an endangered goose that is designated as Hawaii’s state bird). The creature was fearless to people. I got a good picture of it standing not too far away from passerby.

After the trip, I took Seyo to his favorite Lydgate Park as we spent the rest of the day swimming around.

Later on that evening, we had dinner early then spend the rest of the evening in our hotel, drinking Ma-Tai and watching the performance from our porch. We even took a picture with the dancers after the show.

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