Day 8 Kauai - Waimea Canyon, Wailua Falls and Lydgate Park playground

Date: 2006-06-21
Location: Hawaii 06

Today was the last day I have my rental car, so I drove Seyo to Waimea Canyon. It took me nearly an hour just to drive from hotel to Waimea. Though from there, it was only 10 miles away from Waimea, it took me more than half an hour to reach the Waimea Canyon Lookout. By the time we got there, we were both relieved to be able to get out the car and stretch.

The Waimea Canyon was truly impressive. The top of the canyon walls were colored in shades of red while the bottom portions were dotted with shades of green to black. Small trails can be seen nested within the lush foliages and curved along the bottom of the canyon. In a far distance, Waipoo waterfall draped over the smooth surface of the canyon wall like a silk ribbon. The whole view was breath-taking. I could only wish my camera could capture a small fraction of its beauty.

At the parking lot, we found a food stand and bought a small bag of dried papaya and a couple of apple bananas. We continue toward Pu’u Hinahina Lookout. On the way, we stopped once to get a better look at the Waipoo waterfall. This time we had much closer look it.

Somewhere along the road, a stray dog ran toward our car. It waggled its tail and followed us for some distance. I felt a bit sad to leave the creature behind. I couldn’t help but started to wonder how the dog became lost from its owner, or if anybody else drove by would pick up the stray.

At Pu’u Hinahina Lookout, we followed the trail and reached the Lookout area facing the ocean. From here, the island of Niihau supposed to be visible during good weather days. This particular day, however, was overcast and a thick layer of fog hang over the ocean. We couldn’t make anything out of it. Once returning to the Canyon side of the lookout, I was very disappointed to see there wasn’t any mountain goats, the endearing creatures that once anchored awkwardly on the steep face of the canyon wall and made it their home. I was sure Seyo would love to see those versatile creatures. From a guy who has been working on the near by aqueduct, I learned the goats were probably fallen victims of some hunters.

As afternoon approaches, I started to drive back. At Ma’alo Road, I turned and drove toward Wailua Falls. I came across the sign a couple of times before and had thought about take the side tour. At the end of Highway 583, a great view of Wailua Falls could be seen from the lookout point. I parked my car on the last open spot and walked out. As we walking toward the thundering noise, Seyo stopped and blurred out, “Look, rainbow! But there is no rain. Why is rainbow doing here?” I stopped after him and looked down. Sure enough, there was a beautiful arch of rainbow extended out from the bottom of the water fall. Stood nearly side by side with the head of the water fall, we had the full view of it as tons of water rushing down the rocky wall. I was glad for taking the side trip.

After picking up my husband, we all went swimming in the Lydgate Park. Needless to say, by expose under the sun continuously for several days, our bodies have turned into a dark brown color.

Later I have to farewell to my Chrysler and we all drove back in my husband’s rental car.

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