Day 9 Kauai - Ldygate Park and Mema Thai Resturant

Date: 2006-06-22
Location: Hawaii 06

My husband left to work, Seyo and I stayed in the hotel and enjoyed our vacation in solitude. I read the Bone Dollís Twin while Seyo watched cartoon. Because we donít like the idea of him spending so much time in front of the t.v., we had canceled our cable subscription at home while he was a baby. To be able to flipping through channels and watching shows after shows of cartoon must be a treat for him. Half of the day went by without us even noticing it.

In the afternoon, as Seyo started to grow tired of the T.V., my husband returned. We went to the Ldygate Park together, this time as a family. The day was splendid. We swam and snorkeled around in the beach. Even with his daddy by his side, Seyo still had trouble letting his face get into the water. But he had a great deal of fun wearing his floating body suit and kicking around in the water as wave after waves splashed around him. We played in the beach until late afternoon. Then Seyo insisted that we should take him to the playground.

The Lydgate playground was surrounded by tall trees. Like a small wooden castle, the playground was tall and very complex in design. Kids of all ages played in it. There were slides of very shapes, climbing ropes, hidden stairways, monkey bars etc. Seyo had so much fun playing in the playground that he didnít want to leave at all. As I looking around, I noticed several other parents had the same problem too. One men yelled out, ďKids, letís go now, your mother is waiting for us. I am going to count three. If you guys donít come out there by three, there will be no pool or Jacuzzi tonight!Ē Reluctantly, two small children emerged from the playground and went with the men. I couldnít help but smiled.

Perhaps Seyo must be finally hungry at last, for he walked out the playground after the dinner call had called out a couple of times. Before we leave, he made us promise him that we would come back.

We ate our dinner at the Mema Thai and Chinese Cuisine place. Shrouded by an ambient atmosphere, the restaurant offers a large selection of Asian cuisines. In fact the menu was so comprehensive that we finally gave up making selections. Instead we ordered a Dinner for Three Special. For appetizer, there were freshly prepared papaya salad dressed in basils leaves and fried chicken shrimp rolls that consisted of rice noodle, water chestnuts, black mushrooms, and shrimps. Our main course consisted of broccoli beef, curry chicken, and stir fried seafood medley. Seyo was extremely fond of the broccoli beef that he ate pieces and pieces of broccoli even he wasnít a big green fan. The curry chicken was flavorful; however, even after we told them that we wanted it Thai hot, it was not even spicy. The seafood was bountiful with a mix of boneless fish pieces, scallops, and shrimps. It was very good. All of us had to our fills. Because of this, we didnít even get to try our dessert.

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